Frequently Asked Questions


How are you selling these shoes for under retail?

We are NOT selling the shoes. We are selling our services in acquiring the shoes. The total cost of the shoes is the retail+tax PLUS our service fee.


Are my shoes guaranteed?

Nothing is guaranteed. The service just increases your chances of securing a pair of shoes greatly!


I want two different shoes coming out on the same day? Can I use the same Nike account?

No. You will need separate Nike accounts for each shoe that releases on the same day regardless of whether or not they are different styles. Attempting to add two shoes to the same Nike account on the same day can cause one or both of the shoes to drop from the cart.


How does a Nike service work?

Morning of the release you will receive a text from us saying the shoes have been reserved for you in your cart. The texting system is still being perfected so if you don't receive a text by 8:03 AM ET then just log into your Nike account. You will log in, and the shoes will be waiting for you in your cart. You will then go through the normal checkout process on Nike.com, and checkout for retail. If the shoes are not in your cart, please email/text us and we will refund you within 24 hours with valid proof that they were not in your cart. Our system takes a screenshot of the cart at the time it adds it so if you oversleep or miss the release for any reason, you will not be refunded.


How do I get my service?

Once you purchase you will automatically get entered into our system.


What happens if I use the service and don't get my shoe?

We can see on our end whether or not you got the shoe, but in order to make things as smooth as possible, you will need to submit a refund request through our site at http://solebound.com/pages/refund-requests.  We will refund you as soon as possible once you submit a refund request if you do not get the shoe. We try to get refunds out within 24 hours but some take up to 3-5 days to process.


If you have any other questions, please email customerservice@solebound.com and we will try to answer it as best we can!